Local Link provides a nationwide community based bus service in local and rural areas of Ireland.

The aim of Local Link is to respond to local needs, address rural social exclusion and integrate rural bus services where possible with Bus Éireann and Iarnrod Éireann networks.

Local Link bus services are operated and managed by 17 Local Link offices throughout the country. Each Local Link manages the day to day requests for and delivery of bus services in that area. Local Link Offices open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and operate all year round except for Public Holidays.

For more information and to find out about the Local Link operating in your area visit the Local Link.  

The two types of bus services that Local Link operates are Door-to-Door Routes and Scheduled Routes. 

Door-to-Door Routes

The majority of Local Link bus services are Door-to-Door Routes which operate a pick up and drop off at the door service. They operate on a Demand Responsive element and respond to requests for services by intending passengers. Pre booking with the Local Link is required.

Scheduled Routes

Scheduled Routes internal link are fixed timetabled bus services that operate on a daily or weekly basis. Door-to-Door pick up is not available on these services.

Why are rural transport services so important?

Local Link services are available to everyone with a significant focus on providing accessible transport options for passengers. Free Travel Passes are accepted on all Local link services fares are payable by anyone who doesn’t have a Free Travel Pass Door-to- Door routes are a particular feature of Local Link services which offers great peace of mind to passengers who might otherwise have no way to access public transport.

An additional feature of Local Link, which is helpful for many customers, is the willingness of drivers or other staff to assist with getting shopping on and off the bus. These small gestures can make a real difference to a person living in an isolated or rural area when they are making the decision to venture out into their community on a shopping trip.

Being able to get out and about is a vital way to stay part of the local community and to access local amenities. Local bus travel is a lifeline for many people who do not drive, but very often this isn’t an option for those who live rurally or have no local bus service available to them. For others, declining mobility may be preventing them from using public transport due to needing extra assistance.

The Rural Transport Programmes mission statement is “to provide a quality nationwide community based public transport system in rural Ireland which responds to Local needs,” says Margaret Malone, Rural Transport Programme Manager. “The key priorities of the Rural Transport Programme continue to include addressing rural social exclusion and the integration of rural transport services with other public transport services,” says Malone, “The NTA in conjunction with Local Link offices will continue to identify improvements in existing services and develop appropriate new routes based on the availability of resource. Greater integration with existing public transport services between towns/ villages will also continue to be a key focus of the Programme.


“My husband passed away and my sister told me of the service, in a past lifetime I worked in Newcastle West and I always loved the shops there. I have connected with old friends in Newcastle West and Charleville and it has so changed my life”. 

Mary Sheehan from Dromcollogher uses Local Link Limerick.