Local Links

Local Links

Local Link bus services are operated and managed by 17 Local Link offices throughout the country. Each Local Link manages the day to day requests for and delivery of bus services in that area. Local Link Offices open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and operate all year round except for Public Holidays

More detailed information on the range of Local Link services in your area can be obtained by contacting your Local Link office who would be happy to assist.




Passenger on Service from North Kerry

18 Jan 2018

“I really appreciate the service. I don’t have much business in town but it breaks up the day. I can get my hair cut; if it’s a day for the doctor I’ll see my doctor. I go to Mass on Sunday; I go with my son but he’s busy with work and his time is regular and he can’t always be there. If he’s going and isn’t busy he’ll take me. My daughter is too far away in Cork and I live on my own. I stopped driving at 76 because of my eyes but I am a very independent person and I miss it a lot. I think the socialising part of Local Link is very important, because it helps you from getting depressed; it’s not good if you are on your own. All my old neighbours are gone and the younger people have all gone to work. I don’t see many people and in the daytime I am home by myself”