The NTA would like to reassure Local Link customers in Clare that there will be no reduction or change in existing transport services provided by Clare Accessible Transport (CAT) arising from the decision by the NTA to award a contract for Transport Coordination Unit (TCU) services to Local Link Limerick.

NTA last week met with Oireachtas Members representing Clare and advised them that while the management of Clare’s Local Link bus services would now happen from Limerick, CAT would continue to provide transport services from its base in Feakle.

NTA spokesperson said: “The NTA is very supportive of future proposals from Local Link Limerick that may result in additional Local Link services for Clare and looks forward to the further enhancement of rural transport services generally throughout Co. Clare.

“We are happy to reassure people in Clare that there will be no reduction and no change to existing transport services provided by CAT.”

In order to plan for the orderly transition of management services, the NTA has extended its existing contract with Clare Accessible Transport to 30th June 2019.

The NTA issued a recent invitation to the Chair and Managers of CAT to a meeting to discuss the transition phase further. The Authority is awaiting a response to this invitation