The Public Sector Excellence in Business Awards recognises Local Link for the Transport Community Award 2018

The ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards recognises excellence in key providers to the Irish Public Sector and celebrates companies who can demonstrate outstanding service, continuity, track record and general excellence in business. 

The Transport Community Award is awarded to those that provide a quality service to the development of local based transport and accessibility. Local Link provides a nationwide bus service in rural areas around Ireland and services are available to everyone with a significant focus on providing accessible transport options for passengers. The aim of the service is to provide a quality nationwide community based public transport system in rural Ireland which responds to local needs.



“The key priorities of the Rural Transport Programme continue to include addressing rural social exclusion and the integration of rural transport services with other public transport services,” says Margaret Malone, Rural Transport Programme Manager. “The National Transport Authority in conjunction with Local Link offices will continue to identify improvements in existing services and develop appropriate new routes based on the availability of resource. Greater integration with existing public transport services between towns/ villages will also continue to be a key focus of the Programme.

Being able to get out and about is a vital way to stay part of the local community and to access local amenities. Local bus travel is a lifeline for many people who do not drive, but very often this isn’t an option for those who live rurally or have no local bus service available to them. For others, declining mobility may be preventing them from using public transport due to needing extra assistance.


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